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I have always been one to jump on the latest ‘band wagon’ to see what is new.  It intrigues me how fast technology is evolving and the pace of change that we are living in. Thank goodness for Twitter where I can learn and keep abreast of all these changes.

As my blog title suggest, this one really is about Keeping Up With the Play. Jeff Utecht in his latest posting (click here to read) has suggested that QR Codes will be the big buzz of 2011.

What are QR Codes? A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is similar to a barcode on a product, it has encoded information. The information it contains may be the link to a site, additional information about an item, a message, and even some airlines are using QR Codes for boarding passes.

QR Codes are matrix, 2-dimensional codes containing the information. The purpose being that the code holds additional information that is read and used. By ‘scanning’ the QR Code, eliminates the need to type in a URL address – scanning the code takes you straight to the website. Rather than having to write down information or visiting it later, ‘scanning’ the code stores it into your phone.

So…how do you read a QR Code? These codes are gaining popularity thanks to the increase in use of Smartphones (such as iPhone and Android). Through using your phones camera, and with the correct app installed, your camera phone reads the code and informs you of the information or directs you to straight the URL link through your mobile web (without typing in the address). As mentioned, airlines are using this technology where passengers use the QR code to scan their boarding pass.

With the correct application, Desktops can also read QR codes (provided they have an in built camera).

To download the necessary app for iPhone, try i-nigma

To download the necessary app for Android, try QuickMark

Once you’ve installed the app, try it on this QR Code.


2 thoughts on “QR Codes

  1. Nice one, Regan. They’re saying this will be the big thing of the year. For eg – I read on twitter that a school has them on the inside cover of books that link to kids book reviews on their blogs. Students can scan and read the review on ipod touches in the library!

    How great is that. Keep up the great posts.

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