Feedback – It’s more than just ‘Well done’.

‘Well Done, excellent, you’ve done a great job’. This praise feedback instantly tells the child they have done a good job and should be proud of their efforts. But, how do we know they have done a good job? Is it because the teacher said so? Or, because they have been able to achieve the intended learning?

While this type of feedback has a place and is important, we also need to give constructive, meaningful feedback that aligns with the learning intention and success criteria of the task.

In John Hattie’s latest research he expresses that quality feedback is one of the most important elements of student achievement.

Feedback from the teacher (or a child’s peer) relevant to the learning intention or success criteria informs the learner what they have achieved (which is to be celebrated) and can inform them of what else they need to do to improve, ‘to get better’.

Feedback that is explicit and relates to the criteria can develop the intrinsic motivation within children to extend their capabilities to achieve the learning goal.

Quality feedback that informs the learner and the learning is one area that I have developed within my teaching over the past two years. Children increasingly seek feedback that relates to the success criteria and are pleased when they have met it, and strive to achieve what they need to work on. This leads to intrinsic motivation and engagement where the children are striving to reach the best learning outcome possible.

While students are engaged with their learning it is still important to give praise feedback as this strengthens the relationship and culture between the teacher/child and also of the class. A positive, high trust learning environment is conducive to active learners and an environment where children will readily seek constructive feedback to guide and inform their learning.

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  1. Hi Regan,
    I know this is an old post but I was trawling through your formative assessment posts after coming across a slideshare presentation of yours from 6 months ago while reading up for my masters.
    I have just written a post on my blog, one of the aspects relates to the time it takes to mark in depth like this – what are your views on how to manage that time? (
    Also, with regards to using praise, I came across an interesting article today that might challenge a few peoples ideas on using praise!!!

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